Get It Rent provides you with projectors for all your business needs at a reasonable rental price.

2800 Lumens - Bright and reliable projector available for rent.
2800 Lumens

Epson VS340, Unic RD-806 HD

3200 Lumens - Rent a high-lumen projector for your presentations and events.
3200 Lumens

BENQ MS506, Sony VPLDX140


Projectors are lightweight and compact and can easily be carried to your next presentation or meeting. They're also straightforward to set up, with just one cable to connect to your laptop or smartphone. The projectors come with all the cables you need, including a power cord and HDMI cable, so you don't have to worry about having any extra accessories lying around at the office when you need them most!

The projector has a high-resolution output of 1080p, so you can see every detail clearly on the screen no matter where it's positioned about your eyesight (even if it's far away from where you're sitting). The image quality is crisp and clear thanks to its powerful LED backlight system that produces vibrant colors without compromising brightness levels!


Projectors are great for watching movies with friends because they have adjustable zoom and focus features that allow you to make sure everyone gets an equal view of the screen. The projector also has a USB port, so you can connect your laptop or computer directly to it without needing any other equipment like HDMI cables or adapters!

Key Functionalities

The projector has a contrast ratio of 2,500:1, which means that it can display deep blacks and bright whites with ease. It has a color brightness of 3,200 lumens CLO (Color Light Output), which means it has a high-quality picture that looks great in any lighting situation.

The white brightness of this projector is 3,200 ANSI lumens, and its color brightness is 1,900 lumens CLO. Both of these numbers are quite high for projectors in this price range.

This projector has an aspect ratio of 4:3 (XGA), which means it can display widescreen content without distorting or stretching it out of proportion. The resolution is also 1024x768, so you'll be able to watch 720p videos without any lag or distortion in the picture quality.

Furthermore, the maximum resolution of 1600x1200, and it comes with an image size of 203 cm - 508 cm. The projector is 7 cm x 31 cm x 23 cm (HxWxD), and weighs 2.5 kg.

The projector uses a 210W UHP bulb that lasts for up to 3,000 hours in standard mode or 7,000 hours in eco mode. It comes with 1.3x manual zoom and manual focus lenses, which allow you to adjust the picture quality based on where you're using your projector.  There are internal speakers that produce 1 Watt of mono sound each when watching video content on this device.

It also comes with a remote control so you can change settings without having to get up from where you're sitting or standing while watching content on your projector screen!