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Rack Mount Server - Rent a rack mount server for your business infrastructure.
Rack Mount Server

HP Proliant: Dl320e G8, Dl180 G9, Dl360 G9, Dl60 G9, Dl380 G5; DELL: R430, R430, R430, R620, R620, R620; IBM: System X3650 M4

Tower Server - Powerful tower server available for rental.
Tower Server

HP Proliant: ML110 G7, Ml150 G9; DELL PowerEdge: T430, T420, T620

Blade Server - Compact and efficient blade server for rent.
Blade Server

HP Blade System c7000 Enclosure; Dell Power Edge M905

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Today, the majority of work is done on computers, and data is shared across and kept on several servers. Rack servers, blade servers, and tower servers are the three major types of servers utilized in modern data centers. These three server kinds have different effects on data center efficiency, space, and scalability. Owning a server necessitates a considerable financial investment as well as a significant time commitment. As a result, rather than purchasing and installing a server at your home or workplace, you can save money by renting one from Get It Rent.

The different types of servers

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Rack Server

A rack server is a server that is housed within a rack. Rack servers are general-purpose servers that can support a wide range of applications and computer infrastructure. To minimize data center floor space, the racks stack servers vertically. The more equipment administrators can store vertically, the more equipment they can store. Rack-mounted servers or other computing devices make excellent use of data center space. Rack servers are easily expandable in terms of memory, storage, and processors. Furthermore, if administrators have shared or clustered server data for redundancy, hot-swapping rack servers is physically straightforward.

Blade Server

A blade server is a server enclosure that houses many server blades, which are modular circuit boards. The majority of blade servers are reduced to CPUs, impact on the status, and memory. Some models include internal storage discs. Other components, like switches, terminals, and power connectors, are shared via the chassis. Enclosures often meet rack unit dimensions, allowing IT to save space. Administrators can cluster blades or operate and manage each as a single server, such as allocating programmes and end-users to specific blades. Their modular architecture allows for hot exchanges. Blades include little external handles that make it easy to remove or replace them.

Tower Server

Tower servers are standalone servers with minimal elements and software that allows for customization for unique mission requirements. It lacks a premium graphics card, premium RAM, and other components while allowing customers to configure it as an overall server, web server, or other sorts of network servers. Tower servers, as opposed to rack or blade servers, are integrated desktop PCs that take up a lot of area. As a result, they have a higher CPU capability, faster read memory, are utilized to manage multi-user requests, and provide various services such as DHCP or DNS.

Why should you rent a server from Get It Rent?

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