Benefits and tips for renting a projector

Benefits and tips for renting a projector for an event

Hosting an event is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and everything needs to come together seamlessly for an event to be successful. But no event is complete without a good projector for display. Be it a seminar, an alumni reunion, a music festival, or a simple orientation program, projectors make it possible. And since you are planning to get it for just an event which will last a few hours or a few days, it makes sense to get a projector on rent instead of buying one.

There are many video projector rental solutions who provide projector for hire. But how do you know what exactly you need? There are various models and sizes of projectors on hire, but each one of them suits different needs. Some might be good for smaller rooms, some might be good for long distance projections, some may be LED powered, and so on. Here are some tips to help you understand which will fulfill your needs and make your event a grand success.

Size of Projection:

There are loads of models of projectors available in the market but before getting a projector on rent, you need to do some calculations. The most important aspect to consider is the projection size that you are looking for. This is always measured diagonally. But along with this, the other thing that you also need to consider is the distance at which you will be placing your projector from the screen. This may sound like technical jargons but you can check out various websites and apps that allow you to calculate the throw distance ratio that the projector you are getting on rent should have.


Because high-resolution images and videos are so readily available these days, you may want your projector on rent to have 720p as a native resolution. And if you are renting a projector that comes with a full HD model, you will have the capacity to show off a comprehensive data image on the screen. However, the resolution will depend on the specs of your source media player. So you should also check out if your media player has the required compatibility before getting a projector on hire.

Screen vs Wall:

The projection is always made on screen in professional setups, since it offers a smoother projection with high reflectance. They reflect light better and even work in a bright room. While a wall can be used to project, the experience is never going to be the same. Additionally, the wall needs to be smooth and painted white since projection really isn't good on a yellow, pinkish, or any coloured wall.

Distance from viewers:

Viewing distance is just as important as the distance between the projector on rent and the wall. Ideally, one should sit at least at a distance of twice the image width. This helps form a clearer image and helps the eye adjust better. Even though you can choose to change the distance and make tweaks to the projection distance accordingly, this rule of thumb helps to create a universal projection that has clarity for all the viewers.


The more the merrier stands true for connectivity on a projector on hire too. While VGA, AVI, and HDMI are usually present, prefer having a USB for plugging and playing images and videos. But if you are looking at renting a projector that will be ceiling mounted, you can do without a USB too. For such a setup, most video projector rental solutions will advise you to keep the projector connected to a DVD or a Blu-ray player. This is also a good choice for people who just want to fit and forget all the hassles.


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