CCTV, projector, and walkie talkie

CCTV, projector, and walkie-talkie recommendations for event

While hosting an event the equipment you choose can be the key factor behind its success or failure. You might have the best speakers, presenters, security personnel, and all the other embellishments, but it all falls flat if the devices provided to them are not of top-notch quality. Hence it is extremely important to put some thought into it and do proper research before finalizing on what equipment to use for your event.

Now the three major devices required to host an event are CCTV cameras, walkie-talkies, and projectors. But with so many brands flooding the market, how would you zero in on the product which fits your requirement to the event? Well, we can help you with that. Keep reading to know how you can get the best walkie-talkie for rent or the best projector on rent. We’ll also cover CCTV rental and let you know how to compare different devices and choose the right one.


Coordinating a large event can be a big hassle unless you have walkie-talkies top help all the teams coordinate and run seamlessly. However, buying walkie-talkies for just one event is probably not the best use of your capitals. So getting a walkie-talkie for rent is the right move.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before walkie-talkie hire:

  1. Indoor vs Outdoor - Indoor events need two-way radio signals that can penetrate walls. UHF radios are better in this case compared to VHF radios. Whereas outdoor events benefit more from VHF radios due to their optimal obstruction-free range. If you are looking for a walkie-talkie system that operates well both inside and outside, UHF is the right choice.  
  2. Emergency Alert – This is a feature that lets you send a distress call to all receiving radios in the same frequency at the push of a button. This can also turn the device hands-free for a while so you can get your message across without having to push any button.
  3. Range & Accessories – This is another important factor that you need to keep in mind. If you are operating across a huge campus, you’ll definitely need on-site radio systems to amplify the signals. Accessories like headsets, earpieces, multi-unit chargers can also make your life easier when you are juggling multiple tasks.



Similar to walkie-talkies, if you need a CCTV camera on rent for an event, there are multiple factors to help in decision making. Let's look at some of them to help you get the perfect CCTV rental.

  1. Concealed or Visible – What’s your purpose? Do you need them to be just a visual deterrent or do you need them to safeguard sensitive stuff? That can play a major role in making the right choice. For discreet use dome cameras work best but if that’s not necessary you can always go for box cameras.
  2. Audio – Most people need CCTV camera hire for surveillance purposes. But if you need it to record sound as well then it can also be integrated into the system. Adding audio can not only help you listen to the perpetrators. You can also speak to them if necessary to prevent them from committing a crime.
  3. Quality – There’s a wide range of CCTV camera on rent for you to choose from. Be it high definition, long-range, night vision enabled, you can choose whichever you need as per your requirement.




This is one of the most essential devices for any event. Be it a conference or concert or a summit, you will definitely need a good quality projector on rent for clear pictures and sharp visuals. Let's find out how we can get the right projector on rent.

  1. Content - Different types of content need different levels of brightness and resolutions. Content with high detailing like HD video needs bright, high-resolution projectors whereas Powerpoints and simple charts, don’t need that. Even lower resolutions will suffice for such presentations at times.
  2. Screen Size - Big screen projectors have a larger area to fill, hence they need brighter bulbs. It allows everyone at your event to see every detail clearly from all of the angles. If you’re unsure about the size of the screen, it’s better to choose a brighter projector on rent.
  3. Venue - If the event is happening in a completely dark room, even a projector with limited brightness will suffice. However, if natural lighting or bright lights can make the projected images difficult to see. So to have a strong image with the lights on, you’ll need projectors on hire that are bright enough.


There you go. Now you can have a proper checklist and decide what product to rent for your event and help your teamwork hassle-free. If you are in need of any IT equipment for an event, contact Get It Rent. You can email at or call +919811216860.

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