Renting IT Products

“Renting IT Products” - The New Mantra of Corporates To Grow During Pandemic

With the COVID restrictions in place, big corporations are extending work from home models to
their employees for safety and efficiency. To accomplish this, they need newer and better IT
products decked with the latest technologies and softwares. The demand for laptops and
desktops went through the roof with companies trying to scramble the best devices for their
employees. With the amount of uncertainty in the corporate environment due to COVID-19
pandemic, many of them opted to rent the equipment rather than to buy.
This helped them to grow vitally without increasing their capital investment. They were able to
invest more in their human resources while shielding the business from fluctuations and
obsolete technology.
According to Jaipal Singh, Associate Research Manager at IDC India, “There was already a
shortage of devices in the market due to the disruption in supplies from virus-hit China. Now, the
additional demand has worsened the shortage”. Since many critical components, such as
panels, touch sensors and printed circuit boards, come from the badly-hit COVID regions, it was
imperative to create a crunch.
But this is where we came into picture and helped a lot companies to sort out their IT needs with
our excellent IT equipment rental services.
Pair that with our USPs like high fill rate, post rental support, expert team and 24x7 on-call
support and you enter the “Hassle Free World” as promised.

Whereas, your local dealer is running out of systems and supplies to fulfill current market needs,
we at GetItRent are maintaining a PAN-India supply without any problems. With a decade of
experience and coverage in over 400 cities in the country, we are putting buying IT equipment
out of order.
To be fair with the current scenario, we expect remote working as the mainstream mode and
organizations should expect this to be a permanent and persistent pattern in their workplace
and prepare for this long-term shift with rented IT equipment that could be upgraded timely.

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