is it better to buy or rent a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or tablet?

When starting a small business is it better to buy or rent a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, or tablet? Why?

Be it a small business or big, renting is always more beneficial and convenient than buying. Sure, buying will mean that you own the equipment. But that comes with a lot of hassles which can be avoided by renting the equipment from a reputed rental solution like Get It Rent. Here’s why.

1. Post Rental Support - Renting is only the beginning. Most of the IT equipment, appliances and electronic products also require constant and steady support. This is where high-ranking technicians and engineers come in. Get It Rent's superior customer service is the envy of the Indian rental industry. From on-site support to remote troubleshooting and problem fixing, help is only a call/mail away.

2. Pan-India Delivery - Want to get IT equipment, appliances or electronic products in a remote location? How about a busy metropolitan? Wherever you are, Get It Rent makes it possible.

3. Competitive Pricing - Reasonable rental prices with easy payment options makes Get It Rent one of the most popular rental companies in the country.

4. Expertise – Get It Rent prides itself on its technological and mechanical expertise. It's more than just about being a supplier; it's about being a solutions provider. The company has experts-on-call to advise you about the kind of machines you need based on the requirement. You get products tailored to your specific needs efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.

5. High Fill Rate - Stock doesn't run out at Get It Rent! This is because of a huge inventory chain across different product categories that caters to all demands. A robust supply chain ensures that sudden demand spikes are met.

6. Comprehensive Solutions – Get It Rent is a technology solutions provider. Besides renting IT equipment, you can also take advantage of the company's high-end solutions. This helps you have more control over your processes and get better results. For instance, along with laptops, the company can also provide you with the software required on laptops, specifically customized to your requirements.

7. Corporate and Bulk Deal - The Get It Rent business model is focused on corporates and bulk deals. This enables the company to provide best-in-class support systems, stock of a huge inventory of products to meet market demands along with a pan-India network of ground staff and technicians.

8. Flexible Tenure - Different business models need different solutions and they understand that. So they offer flexible rental tenure for renting of products which varies from a day to a year to suit all business needs.

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